Egg that presents how to the treasure

Egg that presents how to the treasure

A layer or a clothing that have bloodstream after the earliest sexual intercourse out-of newly wedded couples is actually carried out getting societal review. In case your bride to be wasn’t an effective virgin, she was charged for the remainder of her lifetime.

Ukrainian girl and you will bloodstream

Ukrainians thought that monthly period bloodstream try dirty. Inside “these days”, women mainly lived at your home. They must not have complete cleaning, take beginning, if you don’t check out a funeral. Because before easy someone didn’t wear undies, the blood merely went on the foot and contaminated brand new shirt.

The fresh blood one to came up during the childbearing was also noticed impure. Having considering birth to kid, the woman needed to stand indoors to possess forty months.

Pussy – channel toward afterlife

Intervals bloodstream try noticed dangerous for males. Blooding genitals is noticed a channel toward afterlife, that will pull for the and chew.

Bewitching boy that have blood

Although our forefathers thought durations bloodstream filthy – it actually was used in love spells! It had been thought that for those who combine the brand new blood having a great take in and also the kid products it, you might bewitch your for a lifetime.

Adhere about blood

Query regarding the mountains is definitely different from google search in another urban area.

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