I appreciated our enjoy in lots of groups

I appreciated our enjoy in lots of groups

It all were only available in early 1950s toward porches out of the fresh new multiple-top property on topography from Worcester’s Little Armenia: Chandler Road, Park Path, Austin Street and you can Belmont Roadway.

Which had been the start of what was so you’re able to at some point end up being the Aramites or Worcester Aramites band-entitled after the Worcester AYF part, the original in the us.

Kapriel “Kap” Kaprielian (clarinet and sax) become new ring and therefore eventually integrated Varty Vartanian towards dumbeg/bongos; Mal Soghomonian, oud; Nori Soghomonian, dumbeg; Jack Shemligian, sax; Larry Mardirosian, clarinet/sax; and you can Eddie Arvanigian on tricolor tambourine and you will voice.

Thereafter, their soulful shades and you will fun identity have been sought after having fun with the like Harry Minassian, Bobby Sohigian, Zaven Donabedian, Leo Arzoomanian, Onnik Dinkjian, John Berberian and you can Kazarian

After the Aramites, however, nearly meanwhile, try a more youthful classification called the Gaidzags whom sooner entered the newest Aramites because Aramite people was indeed drafted towards military services.

Fundamentally, Carnig Mikitarian, Levon Barsamian, Ed Varteresian and you can Pete Harootunian inserted new Aramites and you will turned into you to high songs soul you to definitely starred during the dances, picnics, wedding events and you will Olympics from the east part.

Gary Arvanigian (Eddie’s nephew) shortly after seen, “This new Aramites was the latest Moving Stones of 50s, early sixties. They played all-over, originating in Worcester, then The new England, Mid-West, Canada and about three Olympics throughout the 50s.

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